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“Our reward is in the complete satisfaction of our customers.”

Christian Irrigation strongly believes in giving back to the community we serve. Some of our most rewarding experiences is designing and installing free sprinkler systems in community center gardens, providing landscape and irrigation services to religious organizations, providing free services to Church hosted events and continually expanding irrigation to Oklahoma’s Clear Creek Monastery.


Never before have we been in a better position to utilize the resources, abilities and opportunities we have been given through the principles of faith based stewardship. Operating a business in a socially responsible manner is inclusive in our business plan and investing in our community is just one way of saying “Thank You” to the many who have supported us throughout the years.

Here at Christian Irrigation we have the knowledge, skills and opportunity to effect environmental impacts, minimizing negative and maximizing positive impacts for businesses, home owners, builders and Oklahoma’s agricultural community. Providing free consultations, donations of staff, equipment and services is yet another way in which we give back.

With environmentally safe, eco-friendly, sustainable products, the Christian Irrigation staff, team of friendly, highly trained professional workers and I look forward to amazing growth and continued opportunities to support, invest in, and have a lasting impact on the city of Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

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